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Coach On Web Coach on web    
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Coach ist coaching finden verfügung stellt alle! hier finden sie fitness-programme, körperliches training und ernährungsberatung, um ihre ziele schneller fitness und wohlbefinden zu erreichen. remote von einem wahren p Überwachte
http://www.coach-on-web.com  fr  

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Brandon schrieb 31-08-2015 :
Gosh, I wish I would have had that initamrofon earlier!

Ayush schrieb 30-09-2014 :
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Open schrieb 28-09-2014 :
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Sank schrieb 26-09-2014 :
Dear Freda:Thanks for the encouraging words. Ming is my new hero. I have lneared so much from her as I did from you. I still remember the time we first met 37 years ago. I just noticed you because you are such a good church choir. I used to do bible study and go to church when I first came to the States. I just love the community feeling.You are right. We need to constantly re-invent ourselves by engaging new ideas and new friends. The key is to experiment with open mind.We are not built with fixed mindset. Whenever I heard people said they cannot change, I felt they have lost the opportunity to experience life fully. Change is only a mindset to re-enforce your risk taking ( losing face/failure ) and feel you can control your destiny, for good or for bad. You take the full accountability of becoming a better you.I think you have done a great work by bringing up two fine young people. I also believe now is the time you should do something crazy with Tony so you can be the person you never know. Keep the positive energy flowing,Ping

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