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Fedoo, das portal für sport und kultur und bietet mehrere management-tools und förderung
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Reignbeau schrieb 06-08-2016 :
Hey PHLP1981, if u need to complain about Bat#ke&r8217;s other posts, I’m sorry i really didn’t get it the last time. But i’d advise u do it somewhere else. There’s an issue at hand to discuss. There should be a complaints board or something elsewhere. cheers

Boog schrieb 19-05-2016 :
Fassbinder -“Also, why does the liberal press keep using the racist term &#2o20;COMPOUND”?”Acc8rding to the Mail & Guardian: “In early October, amid growing coverage of spending at Nkandla, the Department of Public Works issued a statement in which it refers to the ‘security compound’ that forms part of the Nkandla complex – twice. Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi read that statement aloud to a live television audience.”Hey, what would we do without the liberal press.

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