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France Karate Organisation Kyokushinkai

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Frankreich Karate Organization Kyokushinkai Frankreich karate organization kyokushinkai    
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Die offizielle website der französisch fkok kyokushinkai, liste der clubs, praktische informationen und boutique kyokushinkai
http://www.kyokushinkai-france.com/  fr  

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Eldora schrieb 05-03-2017 :
Looking really cool. Overall i must say that data about my website is now more organized. Kudos to Google team. One thing i noticed that some of option are not available like i am unable to find the Reni-clusIon request option?

Luizz schrieb 30-09-2014 :
Practice, practice, and did I<a href="http://mgjdfwjb.com"> meitnon</a> practice? What you are trying to acheive with kata is to get to know it well enough that eventually it actually becomes second and even third nature.The way to learn to do kata without being tense is to do it slowly and relaxed with correct technique over and over. Once you have done it enough where you do not have to annalyze and think about every move, you will start to do it strong and hard without tensing.You will also start to visualize what you are doing with each motion, and it will become less and less of a dance. Add in working the actual kata motion with partners using progressive resistance and you will have very strong self defense.Do not forget proper breathing, as that is essential to maintain your relaxation. Speed and relaxation are a way to compensate for smaller people with less power.Practice slow and with good form and focus on relaxing, then practice some more, and then practice even more. I am a fairly large guy who used to like to power everything, and this was how I learned to relax. Might not work for you, but it is one direction to go.

Cesar schrieb 30-09-2014 :
Thanks! There were some more kicks (front snap, side thrust, and side snap) and more bcniklog during the basics and sparring parts of the grading. I stunk up the dojo during the sparring though and was singled out for instruction by during that part of the test. http://ougxavjync.com [url=http://jjhxhnltgc.com]jjhxhnltgc[/url] [link=http://qcxven.com]qcxven[/link]

Liza schrieb 30-09-2014 :
When you practice your kata, one of the thgnis you want to concentrate on, is relaxing, but also putting power in the right place at the right time.The only time you want tense your muscles, is at point of impact. So, execute your techniques as you have been; fluid, and relaxed. Don't tense the muscles until the punch, kick, or block is fully extended. As far as your stances are concerned, they'll need to be rigid while your legs are supporting your weight, but once you begin to throw a kick, use the philosophy I just mentioned. It's a good thing that you're inherently relaxed. This makes your techniques faster. If you try to tense up WHILE you throw your techniques, it'll slow you down, and you'll tire more quickly. Whereas when you're relaxed, and only tense at the end of your technique, you'll have speed, and power, and you won't be as winded.To further help you, think of the difference between swinging a club ( stiff and rigid always ), and swinging whip with a heavy ball at the end ( tense at the very last split second ). Hope this helps. http://qrtuucww.com [url=http://evmfbu.com]evmfbu[/url] [link=http://owmvhonyz.com]owmvhonyz[/link]

Santiago schrieb 28-09-2014 :
Awww...look how cute he is! (And your flowers are <a href="http://ypnmgm.com">lonokig</a> beautiful too)It's so hard to get back into the routine, but YaY!! for some momma time..I'm sure we could all use just a little more of that!

Jay schrieb 26-09-2014 :
first i must say that black belt is a traditional thing not a real step in fihtging.it indicates that you arnt a beginner but it can mean a little more or very very more.if you are a common person with medium trying something between 2 or 3 years time needs for itin my style, first grade of b.b. means that you can exercise your kong fo alone . when you can learn strange forms you are between 2Th and 4Th grade.when you can fight in your style you are 5Th and when can use weapon (cold wpn.) you are 6Th and when can learn new style by yourself you are 8Th and 9Th.when you can fight in all styles, i mean when you can resist without hope, when you don't mind to victory ,or in other word : when you are not you, you are 10Th grade.

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