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KYOKUSHIN KARATE KEHL Kyokushin karate kehl    
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Kyokushin karate kehl ? hauptstrasse 117b ? 77694 kehl, milan radovic olivier radovic silvain radovic uwe ott strasbourg kehl ortenau molsheim oberkirch offenburgkampfsport
http://kyokushin-kehl.de.ms  al  

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Jim schrieb 26-09-2014 :
I've been training with Sempai Erno for about 6 mothns now. Previously I had trained with another Kyokushin instructor for 3 years, and I think that Erno is a fantastic teacher. I am diabetic, and when I first joined, I had nerve damage in my feet and eyes, and now both complications are reversing. I have better circulation, better cardio health and I have gotten my blood sugar under tight control. Erno constantly pushes his students to improve, and I always leave class feeling like I accomplished something. I am impressed by his integrity and his true desire to represent the Kyokushinkai in it's best sense. Osu!

Didier schrieb 09-06-2014 :
Bonsoir ancien élève de milan de cherche son numéro de téléphone . Cdlt Didier

adel boulebtina schrieb 04-01-2014 :
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