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Nunchaku Lyonnais Website Nunchaku lyonnais website    
( 24 Besuche seit 09-10-2008 )
Nunchaku lyon, 2 club zu lernen, die nunchaku in all seinen formen griff: combat, artistic kata. willkommen auf der website der 2 clubs in der region lyon, hat oullins und belleville-sur-saône. guter besuch
http://marknunchaku.free.fr  fr  

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Krystalyn schrieb 05-03-2017 :
Tout juste entendu à la radio tchèque (au sujet des infirmières de Benghazi):Nicolas Sarkozy construit scrupuleusement son image médiatique depuis des années, pour l’ instant avec succès. Pour un peu on se croirait retrouvé 800 ans en arrière, à l’ époque de Jean de Luxembourg où l’ on disait « Sans Dieu et le roi de Bohême rien ne se fait en Eusboe&nprp;».

Ashar schrieb 03-10-2015 :
I origianlly wrote an altcire aimed at instructors on how to keep your black belt students. I've noticed at most schools that you have a huge loss of students around the 1-2 month point as they realize that this isn't really what they had in mind. Then again another big loss comes shortly after students attain their black belt. Since most schools focus on getting your black belt, once you get it, why hang around? There just isn't a lot of programs geared towards black belts.I tried to get that altcire published. I farmed it out to Black Belt and a few other industry publications, but never heard back. I assumed that it may have been because the target audience (school owners and instructors) may have been too narrow, so I re-worked it into one aimed at students. I like this one better, but none of the magazines did. So, since I couldn't sell it, here it is on my blog. Maybe I will post the old version, the one aimed at instructors some time so you can see the difference.

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