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pencak silat

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Pencak Silat Pencak silat    
( 25 Besuche seit 02-07-2009 )
Pencak silat terate treuen herzen. vendee et nice.
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Aden schrieb 03-10-2015 :
I grew up with my Malay nanny and used to attend Malay wednidgs some of them in kampungs that no longer exist today. I was told I was quite good at singing the songs welcoming the bridal pair to their throne...One of my earliest memories was also of the hard-boiled egg that I was given. I kept it preciously not knowing that it would rot as a result. It was a horror and I was a very unhappy child.Ah, this post brings back some of those long-gone memories. I have not attended a Malay wedding since I moved back to live with my parents.

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