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shaolin kung-fu boxing

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Shaolin Kung-Fu Boxen Shaolin kung-fu boxen    
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Neue klubs kung-fu: wir unterrichten kung-fu-stil und die shaolin-kampfkunst sanda chinesisch sanshou bekämpfung der traditionellen selbstverständnis defense.un praktikum jahr ist mit den mönchen des shaolin tempels vereinen organisiert.
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Rosete schrieb 14-10-2014 :
Most definately mate! But one thing that a lot of peploe probably dont know, is that he is an extremely humble and caring individual who's passionate about teaching and sharing the art that he loves! Marcelo is always happy, smiling, totally at home on the mats and his attitude is infectious! I have nothing but the utmost respect for him!Kind RegardsFelipe http://jhlkseaimnr.com [url=http://jddybifzpt.com]jddybifzpt[/url] [link=http://kjneqj.com]kjneqj[/link]

Kate schrieb 14-10-2014 :
Thanks Owen! You are most welcome mate, I am glad you're eynnjiog the blog! And dont worry I believe the time will come. Personally I'd love to bring him out here next year so that my friends, traininig partners and students could all benefit! That would be a dream that I am hoping to realise!Kind RegardsFelipe http://wfsmofb.com [url=http://crbjvcz.com]crbjvcz[/url] [link=http://lynenfz.com]lynenfz[/link]

Suman schrieb 13-10-2014 :
Hey Felipe, nice blog mate! And I too know that technique of his <a href="http://jymwaldky.com">penalrsloy</a>!Btw, the correct term is a strangle not a choke . A choke is only when you have something in your windpipe (like a baby choking on a toy). You should know that in portuguese it's called estrangulamento .. Dopey American commentators got it wrong in the early UFCs and it's stuck!Anyway, we miss you at Ivy mate .. too many wombats!! hahaha!c ya

Novak schrieb 13-10-2014 :
Hi I was just looking at your site. My wife and I spend time in Hobe Sound. I would like to stop in if I come this year, it would be in March. I<a href="http://rhfeouf.com"> satrted</a> my training 1965. I still have so much to learn. scott

Meryam schrieb 10-10-2014 :
It depends on what you want. If you want to win totnmanerus, go with Jiu-jistu. If you want something that will keep you safe on the street, go with Kung-fu. The reason for this is historical. Japan, the primogenitor of Jiu-Jitsu, has always been a homogenic, relatively peaceful society with little crime. Therefor their martial arts are focused less on pragmatic values and more on glory. Karate and Jiu-Jitsu are unique among the arts for being ritualized, and being easily adapted for use in competitions, because idle samurai (especially during the Tokugawa era) were continually testing themselves, and they needed to do so in a means that maximized intensity and minimalized injury. China, however, is much more heterogeneous. Don't get into the whole slanty eyes' racism; China is as varied as any western country, and historically was always plagued by bandits and criminals and invaders. The Chinese learned Kung-fu to preserve their lives. Everytime a Chinese man took to the road, he faced the threat of highwaymen or bandits. Or the mongols were raiding over the hill, your dedication to Kung-fu was the determining whether you lived or died.This is why there is only one rules set for Jiu-Jistu, but well over 300 styles of Kung-fu; the Japanese had enough time to write down the rules and make sure everyone was following them. In the tournament ring, or sparring, where there are boundaries, and rules against injury, jiu-jitsu fighters are in their zone. This is why Kung-fu fighters historically do terribly in totnmanerus. On the street, the Jiu-jistu fighter would be out of his zone, especially if the Kung-fu figher just raked his eye, or struck his shin and broke it, or jabbed him in the throat. It's dirty and underhanded, but if you are trying to preserve your life, then the only rule is to win.So to say which one is more powerful' is deceptive, because it depends on what you want. If you want to dominate in totnmanerus, take Mixed Martial Arts. If you want something that you can use in a crowded bar, or against an intruder in your house, take Kung-fu.Assistant instructor

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