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Tatami-Matten, Judo Kimono, Judo Tatami, Materiel Tatami-matten, judo kimono, judo tatami, materiel    
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Judo store shop des ehemaligen judo-weltmeister! entdecken sie judo store auf die qualität des materials judo-preise sehr attraktiv.
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Marina schrieb 30-09-2014 :
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Endah schrieb 28-09-2014 :
at the beginning it took me an hour or more, I don't know. Now it takes 15 to 30<a href="http://vtpivplgv.com"> mtnuies</a>, depending on the kimono and the state I am in.Just practice. The more you do it the easier it gets.As you are in Japan, go to a bookstore and in the textiles and craft section, a lot of kimono books and magazines can be found.good luck

Kostja schrieb 28-09-2014 :
Aaaah! I'm so happy to see this. I love boots with kimono. I have been <a href="http://ejplsqhoegt.com">seieng</a> this a lot lately, especially with other western items like hats, western shirts under kimono, belts in place of obijime. Purists gasp, but it looks great to me. I hope this isn't a short lived fad. I think it's making kimono easier and more interesting for some which helps keep the kimono industry thrive and living?

Fikret schrieb 26-09-2014 :
Hi I am new to collecting these, I am loionkg at the back of the packaging and I can't seem to find these so called dot codes? Can anyone post an image?Kind regardsHiren

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