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blog - Billy-Montigny Judo Ju-Jitsu

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Blog - Billy-Montigny Judo Ju-Jutsu Blog - billy-montigny judo ju-jutsu    
( 28 Besuche seit 21-08-2008 )
Willkommen auf dem blog von billy-montigny judo ju jitsu abschnitt der association sportive billysienne asb. genießen sie ihren besuch.
http://www.bloggez.fr/BillyMontignyJudoJuJitsu  fr  

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Millicent schrieb 05-08-2016 :
Posts like this brihtgen up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

Hippie schrieb 19-05-2016 :
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Kealeboga schrieb 30-09-2014 :
I'm so excited! I usaluly have to work, so this is going to be my first Girls in Gis event. I'm really looking forward to finally meeting everyone face to face. As far as the publicizing, all the credit goes to Pam and Jeff. Oh BTW, you have a much larger audience than I do so feel free to copy and repost Jeff's welcome letter.Back to Pam, she has become a major driving force behind The Revolution Women's BJJ program. She's like a chearleader, motivational speaker, and den mother all rolled into one. I'm really grateful and admire all of her efforts to make this program work.Can't wait to see you,Jodi http://lkayhzlaffy.com [url=http://spmmiae.com]spmmiae[/url] [link=http://uzixjzulhrb.com]uzixjzulhrb[/link]

Muzaffer schrieb 28-09-2014 :
If you live in Hollywood Florida, I would check out Carlos Rollyson's academy. He's a black belt under Carlson Gracie, one of the oniairgl masters of jiu jitsu. He is also a 7th degree black belt, as well as a black belt in Judo. I compared the two BBs, and Carlos seems much more experienced, as well as a Receiver of better training. You shouldn't pick a martial arts school because its close to you; I travel as little as 20 minutes to as long as 45 minutes (on bad days) to get to my jiu jitsu training here in Chicago. Good luck and let me know how it goes. P.S He has a three days a week, two year contract for $99 a month. As a beginner, 3 days a week may be more than enough for you. I LOVE jiu jitsu, and most ppl who sign up do, so you wont want to quit anytime soon. I would recommend that deal.References : http://ajnxnm.com [url=http://rkxfursdjgs.com]rkxfursdjgs[/url] [link=http://jvtaogeeejo.com]jvtaogeeejo[/link]

Saverio schrieb 28-09-2014 :
Jiu Jitsu is much much more difficult than<a href="http://rwgicfc.com"> kratae</a> which is probably why. Most "Dojos" allow you to get a black belt after 3-5 years. To get one in brazilian jiu jitsu it takes at least 8-10 but many people take 10-15. Plus from my experience (6+ years of<a href="http://rwgicfc.com"> kratae</a> and 3+ years of bjj) people put in a lot more work at bjj. Its also difficult because in<a href="http://rwgicfc.com"> kratae</a> you get promoted when you learn the forms needed to test. In bjj you get promoted when you can beat almost everyone at your current belt level and some of the people at the belt above you. So there are no shortcuts in jiu jitsu.If you go to a good bjj school they will teach self-defense, takedowns and some other rudimentary stand-up that will help you use your bjj in real world settings. I don't want to sound like a<a href="http://rwgicfc.com"> kratae</a> hater because I think its great. Its especially great for kids because it teaches discipline and self-control while providing a really good work out. I also think bjj is very difficult to teach to children (probably 12ish is the earliest I think it can really be taught well). From my personal experience bjj is much more difficult and better suited to real life self-defense.References : 6+ years of<a href="http://rwgicfc.com"> kratae</a> and 3 years of bjj

Kanwal schrieb 28-09-2014 :
I have forwarded your info to our<a href="http://aawgxky.com"> prrogam</a> director. Super excited to have Austin try class! He's at an age where he can do the 3-6 year old class on Tue Thur or the 6-12 on Mon Wed. All of the classes start at 5. Montse should be contacting you soon! Thanks

Jang schrieb 26-09-2014 :
Hey, thanks for comimnteng.I agree with you that BJJ does not have all the answers, for sure. But IF you end up on the ground, especially with a much larger attacker, you need to have basic BJJ skills to be able to escape. Those BJJ skills should ideally be complemented by dirty tactics that will give you a greater advantage. However without the fundamental understanding of position, how to escape from an inferior position, etc., you're really not going to have a chance on the ground.I also agree with you that if you're drunk or caught completely off guard there is no technique that's going to help you. That's why I say is 95% of self defense, and anyone can learn to be aware of their surroundings without spending a great deal of time training in physical self defense.BUT, I think people who teach others that physical tips and tricks alone are sufficient for self defense are doing a real disservice. Like you said, there's no technique in the world that's going to help you if you're caught completely off guard and outweighed by 50-100lbs. However, being aware of your surroundings combined with solid techniques and training methods (especially if they involve weapons) will. In my I explain what it really takes to defend yourself, and provide the techniques and training methods to get to that point. I completely understand if someone doesn't have the time or desire to train enough to be able to defend themselves. But that doesn't diminish the fact that a few physical tips alone aren't going to save them. Anyway, good points!

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