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ETIK - Ecole Traditionnelle de Iaido et Kenjutsu

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ETHIK - Ecole Traditionnelle et de Kenjutsu Iaido Ethik - ecole traditionnelle et de kenjutsu iaido    
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Offizielle website von etik, traditionellen schulen des iaido und kenjutsu
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MiethaSuciana schrieb 28-09-2014 :
Les deux fe9de9rations sont tre8s diffe9rentes, pas seulement par le style, mais aussi par l’esprit. Si on corapme Tissier et M e Tamura…On peut avoir deux objectifs dans l’imme9diat et par la diffe9rence des deux objectifs, arriver e0 de meames choses.Je ne sais pas, je ne veux pas commenter des spe9cifiques.Cela me fait penser e0 une anecdote avec Me Arikawa :un jour on discutait, et quelqu’un est venu et il a commence9 e0 dire :ab L’aefkido d’un tel est diffe9rent de l’aefkido d’un tel bb.Et Me Arikawa l’a simplement regarde9 et en souriant a dit :ab Non, il n’y a pas deux aefkido sur terre. L’aefkido c’est l’aefkido bb.Je pense qu’il parlait d’une dimension au-dele0 de la forme.Il ne parlait pas de la forme. Il a dit :ab Il y a l’aefkido et il y a le bb nonaefkido bb.Le0, il pouvait faire la distinction. Mais l’aefkido c’est l’aefkido, il n’y en a pas deux. Donc toutes ces ide9es, qu’il y a l’aefkido d’un tel, et celui d’un tel, et celui d’un tel autre, partent fondamentalement d’une fausse base, sur une me9compre9hension.Malcom Tiki Shewan Aefkido journal, 2005 http://npoafbyswwj.com [url=http://towwbnxr.com]towwbnxr[/url] [link=http://qefrrjetn.com]qefrrjetn[/link]

Vijay schrieb 28-09-2014 :
Hi Hannah - Ahh yes, grilled squid on the <a href="http://wkimrco.com">stretes</a> of Sydney - how good would that be!Hi Simon Food Favourites - I think these were plum blossoms rather than cherry blossoms but we were happy to see them all the same. Cherry blossoms don't bloom until late March/early April and yes, their window period is very small.Hi Peter G - Thanks so much. The level of respect for food in Japan seems unparalleled doesn't it? Always inspiring.Hi Stephcookie - The grape soft serve was very alluring but I was glad I'd ordered the Hokkaido milk! The mochi cakes were great - hurrah for starch, I say!Hi angielivestoeat - lol. Congrats on starting your own blog. The more the merrier I say! Hope you make it to Japan one day - the place is one big eating adventure!Hi Mrs Pigflyin - I'm surprised you haven't tried the grilled mochi already. It was like rice chewing gum - so sticky and good!Hi Katie - Ha, I was a bit the same. There was such a fuss over the blossoms, I really wonder how crazy they go over the cherry blossoms! It is quite touching that they truly appreciate natural beauty - something we seem to often take for granted.Hi Mark - Kebabs aren't quite the same, are they? lol. But we have plenty of great outdoor festivals which is great.Hi Sarah - Ooh that's a great idea to make your own obanyaki...Hi Veruca Salt - Oh but nothing ventured nothing gained, right? It was memorable and who can beat ice cream eating in the shadow of a castle on a warm winter's day :)Hi ericl33t - Sounds delicious. I love that you still remember it with such clarity!Hi Lannae - They were gorgeous. You can understand why so many locals tote around tripods and huge cameras in an effort to capture their beauty forever.Hi Howard - It was such a serious business and I've never seen so many hardcore cameras and lenses in a public spot before!Hi Terry - These were plum blossoms but I agree, their beauty is quite breathtaking.Hi chocolatesuze - lol. I almost cried with happiness :)Hi Reemski - The yellow blossoms were particularly pretty, especially against the blue skies.Hi Von - Japan is a fantastic destination, and yes, the food is always a highlight!Hi FFichiban - Ha, the girls practising kendo were super aggressive. I don't think I would've surived two seconds :)Hi Simon - I took so many photos of the plum blossoms. I can understand why people spend a whole day there with tripods. And ha, the novelty of being surrounded by Nikons was definitely not lost on me!Hi Kay - I think the only grape flavour we have here is Hubba Bubba bubblegum, hence Veruca's adverse reaction. lol.Hi Trisha - Oh obanyaki as sustenance! lol. We ate a lot of onigiri triangles :) The changing of seasons in Japan is always picturesque. I can imagine that Osaka Castle would've looked spectacular.Hi Kitchen Butterfly - We found hotdogs everywhere in Japan and Korea. I think the cuts make them look so much prettier?Hi Rebecca - It's always fun to share photos. Happening on the kendo was a happy coincedence!Hi YW - The mochi wasn't really salty but the sauce on top added a sweet saltiness. I think you can buy unsweetened mochi from Tokyo Mart? Maybe ask the staff there?Hi SK - I'm back now but yes, Japan was brilliant as always. I'm slowly getting used to natto - hopefully after a few more trips I'll be its biggest fan :)

Lee schrieb 26-09-2014 :
Methinks you may have me confused with the peymnoudous blogger Armed Liberal , who hm, seems to have fallen off the web. I wasn't him. I did like his writing, though.

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